CBD Hemp Sleep Gummies (bottle of 30)

Rest is essential to our overall well being and without a restful night, our bodies cannot recover and operate the way they should. Grandma’s GummiesTM all natural, organically grown in the U.S. and vegan-friendly Sleep Gummies are the perfect blend for assisting in a better night’s rest. Plus, the deliciously purple, mixed berry flavor can’t be beat!

CBD Full Spectrum Vegan Gummies (pouch of 10)

Grandma’s GummiesTM Vegan Gummies are an effective and delicious way to get precisely measured servings of CBD to potentially help ease your stress, improve your rest, and reduce your soreness.

All-Natural Relief Salve

You can say goodbye to those nagging aches and discomforts by applying this intensive, and moisturizing, Grandma’s GummiesTM Relief Salve as needed for targeted relief. Try once a day for 2-weeks and you’ll see. Use it for relief on elbows, feet, neck and hands, or wherever it aches. Plus, the lavender and eucalyptus scent is soothing.

Relax Bath Bomb

With our Bath Bomb by Grandma’s GummiesTM you can create a luxurious bath time experience that will help relieve tension, nourish your skin, and soothe your achy muscles and joints.

Gift Set: Relax Bath Bomb and Relief Salve

Enjoy the soothing combination of the best selling Grandma’s GummiesTM Relax Bath Bomb and the Relief Salve.

Gift Set: Relax Bath Bomb, Relief Salve, Bag of Gummies

This Grandma’s GummiesTM bundle comprising of our three best-selling products; the Relax Bath Bombs, Relief Salve and a 10 count bag of full spectrum Vegan Gummies can’t be missed!