Mama, Don’t Let Your Kids Use Delta-8. Here’s Why!

In this episode of “Grandma and Her Gummies,” host Steve welcomes Dr. Leah Johnson, a medical cannabis specialist pharmacist to talk about cannabis and CBD synthetics. Their discussion focuses on the safety of Delta-8, a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis. The danger lies not in the compound itself, but in the additives such as sulfuric acid used during the extraction process, which is especially concerning as products with Delta-8 and Delta-10 are being marketing ubiquitously across the U.S. and online. Dr. Johnson provides insight into the upcoming changes to the 2023 U.S. Farm Bill which may address this important issue and provides excellent advice for anyone interested in trying any ‘Delta’ products currently available on the market.

Beware of synthetic cannabis products.

Cannabis and CBD synthetics are becoming more common in the market, and it’s important to be aware of their potential dangers.

One of the products that gained a lot of attention in the past year is Delta-8, which is often referred to as the gentler cousin of Delta-9, the naturally occurring compound in THC that gets people high. Delta-8 is legal in some states where cannabis is not, which has led to confusion and questions about its safety. Dr. Johnson explains that Delta-8 is a cannabinoid that is also naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. However, to get around the law in many states, it is produced by converting CBD from the Hemp plant into Delta-8, Delta-9 or Delta-10 THC using chemical processes. This means that the quality and safety of these ‘Delta’ products can vary greatly, and some may contain harmful contaminants.

The availability of synthetic cannabis products such as Delta-8 in convenience stores and gas stations is concerning, as these products may not be regulated or tested for safety. Dr. Johnson advises caution when considering the use of any synthetic cannabis product, and encourages consumers to seek out high-quality, lab-tested naturally occurring cannabinoid products from reputable sources.

What I recommend to my patients at this point is that if you see the word ‘Delta’ on the product, don’t buy it.
Dr. Leah Johnson, Medical Cannabis Specialist Pharmacist

 Delta-8 is synthetically sprayed.

One of the key takeaways from this episode is the revelation that Delta-8, a popular cannabinoid, is synthetically sprayed onto hemp flour. The process of creating Delta-8 involves heating and acidifying CBD molecules, often with sulfuric acid, which are then converted into Delta-8 THC. This synthetic liquid is then used to soak, spray, or roll onto hemp flour, creating the Delta-8 infused product. This process is not only unnatural, but it also raises concerns about the safety and purity of the final product.

This means that products marketed as Delta-8 hemp flour or Delta-8 cannabis can be infused with a synthetic material, rather than occurring naturally in the plant. This is a concerning discovery, as many people turn to cannabis as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals and other synthetic substances.

Beware of synthetic cannabis products.

While cannabis has been used for medical purposes for thousands of years, the research has primarily focused on naturally occurring Delta-9 THC and CBD. Other minor cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN are starting to be sought after for medical ailments, but more research is being conducted to verify their safety and effectiveness.

Dr. Johnson emphasizes that synthetic cannabinoids are not the same as natural cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Additionally, even if a product claims to be made in a pharmaceutical-grade lab and tested for safety, there is no research that verifies that milligram level of Delta-8 THC is safe over a long period of time.  

Education, research, and awareness are key to ensuring safe and effective cannabis use for everyone.

At key points in this episode, you will learn about:

  • [00:05:35] Cannabis synthetics and what are they?
  • [00:07:36] Delta-8 THC Products at Grocery Stores.
  • [00:11:12] If it says the word ‘Delta’ it’s probably synthetic.
  • [00:14:11] Cannabis research, safety, and regulation.
  • [00:16:50] The U.S. Farm Bill and hopeful changes.
  • [00:22:08] Synthetic Delta THC Spraying on Hemp Flower.


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