Epilepsy and CBD: A Mom’s Courage and Relief for her son.

“I mean, instead of taking a pill every day for something, I just think this is such a better alternative. Zach is on cannabis [CBD] morning and night, and it has changed his world.”
Jenn, a super courageous and powerhouse Mom with a 22-year old son Zach.

In this episode of Grandma and Her Gummies, host Steve introduces Jenn Meyers, a marketing executive and powerhouse mom, who shares her inspiring story of finding relief for herself and her son, Zach, through cannabis. Jenn discusses how cannabis has helped with Zach’s epileptic seizures, her own pain relief after knee surgery, and overall stress management. Listeners will be inspired by Jenn’s courage and resilience and gain a sense of hope for the possibilities of cannabis as medicine. Tune in to hear this educational and uplifting cannabis story.

Cannabis Helps with Seizures and Relief.

In recent years, there has been a growing body of research and anecdotal evidence suggesting that cannabis can have medicinal benefits, particularly in the treatment of seizures and providing relief from various ailments. The podcast “Grandma and Her Gummies” explores real-life cannabis stories and lessons for safer cannabis use, shedding light on the potential of cannabis as a form of medicine.

The podcast begins by introducing its purpose: to provide a fun and educational platform for discussing real-life cannabis stories and lessons for safer cannabis use. The host, Steve, emphasizes that the focus is not on getting high but rather on improving one’s quality of life with safe cannabis products and innovation. He aims to share the latest scientific research, tips, and resources to educate listeners about cannabis and its potential benefits.

The podcast then introduces Jenn Meyers, a marketing executive and a full-time mom to a special needs son named Zach. Jenn shares her journey of discovering cannabis as a potential solution for her son’s epileptic seizures and her own pain relief after knee surgery.

Jenn’s son, Zach, had been experiencing seizures since he was a year old. Despite being on medication, he continued to have breakthrough seizures and developmental delays. As he grew older, his seizures became more severe and dangerous. Frustrated with the limited options provided by traditional medicine, Jenn decided to explore cannabis as a potential solution. She explains that her initial experience with cannabis was limited, and she turned to it as an alternative after conducting her own research.

CBD oil helps with Seizures.

Through her research, Jenn found a CBD oil solution from Colorado that she started to introduce to Zach. The results were remarkable. Zach’s seizures became less frequent, his behavior became more stable, and he showed increased attentiveness. They administer one dropper full of the 60-milligram version in the morning and one dropper full in the evening, with consistent and miraculous results. It is worth noting that Zach has been using CBD oil for six years, and the dosage has remained the same throughout this period. This consistency speaks to the effectiveness of CBD oil in managing seizures without the need for increased dosages over time.

Encouraged by these positive changes, Jenn informed Zach’s specialist about their use of cannabis, and surprisingly, the doctor was supportive. This was further supported by their recent updated EEG results for Zach, which showed zero abnormal activities during the test. Over time, they were able to wean Zach off most of his medications, and he now relies primarily on cannabis for seizure control.

The podcast also highlights the significance of Charlotte’s Web, a strain of cannabis named after Charlotte Figi, a young girl who experienced remarkable improvements in her seizures through the use of CBD oil. Charlotte’s story ultimately led to the development of Epidiolex, the first FDA-approved cannabis drug in the United States. Epidiolex is a high-CBD formulation specifically designed to treat severe seizures.

The approval of Epidiolex by the FDA is a significant milestone, considering the agency’s cautious approach to cannabis-related medications. This approval further validates the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD oil in managing seizures and encourages further research and exploration in this field.

CBD Patches Help with Inflammation and Pain Relief

Jenn’s experience with CBD oil extends beyond her son’s seizures. She also shares her personal use of cannabis patches for pain relief following knee surgery. As an athlete, Jenn has always been active, but as she got older, she started experiencing aches and pains. CBD patches proved to be a game-changer for her, providing relief without the need for narcotic pain medication. In her own words of wisdom, “I would say to a lot of people, you should really think about this before you take any narcotics.” The CBD patches she used were spot-specific, targeting the area around her knee, delivering anti-inflammatory properties that reduced pain and aided in her recovery.

It is important to note that CBD oil and cannabis patches are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Individuals should consult with healthcare providers, physicians, and physical therapists to understand the best approach for their specific health needs.

In conclusion, the podcast “Grandma and Her Gummies” highlights the transformative effect cannabis has had on Zach’s life, providing him with seizure control and improving his overall well-being. He is learning more, becoming more supportive, and experiencing a sense of calm and peace. Jenn’s life has improved dramatically, as well. Stories like Jenn’s offer hope and inspire further exploration and use of cannabis as a form of medicine. For more inspirational stories, go to https://grandmaandhergummies.com/.

At key points in this episode, you will learn about:

  • [02:14] A Mom and her son’s journey.
  • [04:09] Cannabis and its positive effects.
  • [07:46] Cannabis and knee surgery relief.
  • [11:13] CBD capsules as a stress reliever.
  • [12:50] How to find quality cannabis products.


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