A Cannabis ‘Happy Meal’ for Women. Fun, New Cannabis Experiences.

In this episode of “Grandma and Her Gummies,” host Steve interviews Sarah O’Leary, owner of Gal Pals Minis and creator of Wacky Weed Tours and Original Bake Bingo. They discuss innovative ways that cannabis brands can speak directly to women, including creative gaming approaches that Sarah learned writing jokes on Happy Meal boxes for McDonald’s in the 80s. Listeners will enjoy the real-life cannabis stories and tips for safe and effective cannabis use shared throughout the educational podcast.


New Cannabis Products Tailored to Women

The episode delves into the topic of how cannabis brands can cater to the unique needs and experiences of women. The guest speaker, Sarah, shares her experience of creating a brand and product called Gal Pals Minis, which is a hot pink tin that contains 5 mini pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes or joints that are specially formulated for women. The tin also comes with an activity card to provide ideas on what to do when consuming cannabis with friends. The brand’s mission is to give women permission to engage with cannabis without feeling shame or judgment.

“I am creating a unique blend for women at Gal Pals Minis with a better mix of terpenes for an elevating and uplifting experience.  Women just want: ‘I wanna get shit done, and I wanna feel in control, and I don’t want to be too high!’”


Fun Cannabis Experiences

The episode also highlights two unique events created by Sarah: a walking cannabis tour called The Wacky Weed Tour and Original Baked Bingo. The walking tour is a focus group that brings people together to support local communities and enjoy cannabis in a safe and educational environment. Original Baked Bingo, on the other hand, is a weekly event where participants play bingo and win prizes sponsored by local craft growers and stores – with the prize being cannabis. The event has become so popular that people travel from out of state to participate.

Overall, the episode showcases how a cannabis brand can successfully cater to a specific audience and create unique events that bring people together in a fun and safe environment.


At key points in this episode, you will learn about:

  • [01:11] Creative approaches to cannabis marketing.
  • [04:16] Gal Pals Minis product for women.
  • [08:13] Wacky Weed Tours in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • [11:10] Medical Stories shared on the Cannabis Tour.
  • [16:44] Original Baked Bingo is building a Cannabis Community.
  • [20:53] Cannabis dosing tips and words of wisdom.


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