Who wants Better Sleep!? In this episode we hear from Jackie, a Leukemia patient, who tells her story about how medical cannabis helps her to relax, shut out the daily noise, and to sleep better. But before her story, we review two (2) scientific studies and the statistics on how people are improving their sleep with cannabis. It’s a big deal as up to 80,000,000 people in the U.S. have sleep issues. In one of the studies, the participants reported that they went to sleep faster, slept for longer, had improved sleep quality, and felt more rested/refreshed on waking. YES, PLEASE!

Without a good night’s rest, we are all under performing and susceptible to other health issues. Listen to get some ideas for yourself or someone you know who needs better sleep. For Jackie, she uses both edibles and cannabis capsules to fall asleep and, most importantly, to STAY asleep. In her words, cannabis has improved her life by keeping her ‘focused on being happy and living a fuller, better-quality life.’

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