Why create a fun, educational podcast with real-life cannabis stories and products for safe and effective cannabis use? Well, if you or someone you know have ever eaten too many ‘yummy gummies’ or too much of what some describe as that ‘special brownie’ then you’ll want to listen in. We’ll take you on a journey of storytelling by people that have experienced the good, bad and medicinal effects of cannabis.

From gummies to CBD salve, learn about how people are improving their quality of life. Invite your friends, your grandma and grandpa, or anyone who ever wondered what the hell is going on with this CBD stuff! Also, you can share your thoughts so EVERYONE can have a safe, fun and dare we say ‘more fabulous’ cannabis time! Listen in for the basics about cannabis and walk away with important knowledge to improve your own experiences. Most of all, have fun and enjoy the stories!

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