Cannabis Education. Top 10 Tips + Season 1 Highlights!

Are you looking for the best tips, advice, and cannabis lessons from Season 1?

During our inaugural Season of Grandma and her Gummies podcast, we brought you educational (and sometimes funny) stories from people just like you – who shared their personal journey and experiences with cannabis. You heard from cool grandmas in their 70s and hip young ladies in their 30s as well as skeptical guys who are now believers because their athletic gym routine was saved with cannabis.

These 14 episodes included the latest scientific studies on arthritis, anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, sexual health and more. We had experts such as certified Cannabis Nurses and medical cannabis dispensary leaders give valuable advice and educational resources to help you navigate your cannabis wellness journey.

Thousands of episodes were downloaded and enjoyed by people from across the world. THANK YOU to our listeners from the following countries: across the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Egypt, Ireland, Morocco, Germany, Japan, Norway, Russia, Sweden, The Netherlands, and Zimbabwe – Thank you again! Keep listening because you will continue to receive quality stories with advice, guidance, recommendations, and educational ideas on how cannabis can improve your quality of life.

So, in Episode 15, it is our pleasure to bring to you the Top 10 cannabis tips and lessons learned.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why you should be a cannabis product SNOB!
  • What is the basic difference between CBD and THC, and a simple way to remember.
  • How gummies can be good AND bad for the same reason.
  • Where to find a qualified Cannabis Nurse to ask your basic questions.
  • How cannabis can help women’s sexual health.
  • Top 3 questions to ask at a dispensary or when shopping for cannabis.
  • Why cannabis dosage needs to be personal to you.
  • Cannabis education is for EVERYONE!

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