Our Mission

Grandma And Her Gummies™ is an educational resource with a mission to elevate everyone’s knowledge about cannabis, including the basics of CBD & THC. Our podcast provides real-life stories and lessons, along with our premium Hemp CBD products, for safe and effective cannabis use. It’s not about getting high; it’s about getting better: Better Sleep, Better Relief, Better Quality of Life!

Our Founder

Steve Landuyt is the founder and Chief Executive of The Cannabis Wellness Group & Cannabusiness Consulting, an industry resource for customized cannabis education programs, consulting, and consumer podcasts like Grandma And Her Gummies™.

Steve graduated with honors (Rho Chi & Phi Kappa Phi) from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy to earn a Master of Science in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics. He was a featured speaker at the Southeastern Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention, the University of Maryland Spring Symposium, and speaker for the CannabizMD Policy + Science Forums and Webinars.

In December 2022, he launched ‘Grandma and her Gummies’ an educational podcast featuring real-life cannabis stories & lessons for safe and effective cannabis use. Additionally, he sits on the Corporate and Business Committee for the Council for Federal Cannabis Regulation (CFCR) to influence federal legalization.

Steve’s career highlights include executive leadership and sales roles at global companies such as American Express (18-years), Citigroup and the Collinson Group as well as more recent start-ups such as GreenSky (acquired by Goldman Sachs), Points.com, Infoteam and Loylogic Zurich.

Steve is available to speak on topics including Cannabis 101, What is CBD? Facts & Myths of Cannabis, Seniors & Cannabis, Top Questions to Ask My Doctor, How to Find Safe Products, etc.

Your Role:


If you’re looking for ways to ease pain, inflammation, anxious feelings or just want to chill and get better sleep, listen for the latest scientific research and tips about cannabis products and innovation which just might help improve your quality of life! 

Most importantly, please accept your role as a ‘change agent’ to help educate friends and family on the basics of cannabis and how to enjoy it safely and effectively – – whether enjoying a gummy to chill and relax, or some salve to rub into sore hands, knees, fingers or joints, or a bath bomb to soothe everything that ails you! Understanding the difference between a THC gummy that might be too strong for you, or a CBD gummy that can keep you balanced and alert, is the key to having a ‘more fabulous cannabis experience!’ 

Listen to our podcast for the basics about cannabis; and walk away with important resources and education. But most of all, share it with friends and enjoy the cannabis stories together. Check out our shop for safe and effective premium Hemp CBD products. And let us know if you’d like to share your cannabis story by contacting us at www.GrandmaAndHerGummies.com and maybe you can be on the next podcast episode!